How does Refresh work?

The goal of Refresh is to provide you tools and techniques to help you get a bit healthier in your drinking habits, day by day. Come as you are, and take from it what works best for you! Refresh doesn't require any commitment or formulate any challenge don't have to do a a dry January. We're not here to judge you or claim there's a one size fits all solution. Our only goal is that over time you make progress on your own terms, and align your drinking with your values!

Refresh offers small, bite-sized journaling exercises that can each be completed in as little as 5 or 10 minutes (though you can spend longer if you want)! Each exercise has a small lesson or prompt, followed by a series of questions in the form of a journaling exercise. Refresh provides you the option to save these and come back to them, but you can also write them down in an offline journal or simply answer the questions in your head. 

See our disclaimer for more information on who should and shouldn't use Refresh.